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Sex Addiction

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Sex Addiction, is it real?

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  • Addiction? I don’t know. I suppose there are some who can’t manage their life because of an overwhelming need to have “inappropriate” sexual activity. This is likely to be much smaller number of people then we seem to hear about. The bigger question is how one defines inappropriate.
    To me sexual obsession and being highly sexual is the most important thing there is in life! As I get older I am supposedly required to feel this less! I refuse! I love my sexual obsessive operating system! Of course one could make a case that if I’ve never been any other way how would I know I live in the best state of mind?
    We spend a great deal of time trying to categorize everything and everyone into silo’s. If you are a man who has had sex with another man you are gay period. If you are “bi” you’re actually a gay dude in denial. If you desire transexual women you are a gay in denial as well. Women desiring other women is a lot less black and white for most but that is another topic for another day.
    If being sexual is the most important thing in your life then you must be addicted.
    Addiction seems to be something that can only exist after getting caught experiencing sexual activity that others will disapprove of.
    I am obsessed (addicted?) to all things feminine especially people. I love women regardless of how their birth certificate categorizes them M/F.
    I love being emerged in sexual thought and sexual thinking! Does this make me addicted? No! It makes me human and I have no desire to be “cured”.
    Buy the way what are you wearing?

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