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Rachel and Liam make the ultim …

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Rachel and Liam make the ultimate New York power couple: young, ambitious, determined and headstrong. Working together at their own consulting firm, the similarities that they share help their business succeed, but also make their personal life tumultuous. Their power struggles emerge in the bedroom, where they each fight to see who has the upper hand.

“Rachel looked down and saw that Liam had handcuffed her wrist to the bedpost. In the darkness, she hadn’t even noticed that the restraints were out. He laughed, under his breath. “Now I have you right where I want you. Apparently I have to tie you up just to get you to pay any attention to me.“ He gently pushed her to the bed, securing her other wrist. He had her naked from the waist up already, and began working on her lower half. His hands caressed her body, running up each leg, stroking her calves and cupping her hips.”

But who will come out on top?

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