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Change Is A Four Letter Word

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As the title of this post states, to me, change is a four letter word, but now I want to talk about those who do battle to bring about change. Some are activist who pave the way for the rest of us, working tirelessly and facing society’s wrath or accolades as they are judged by the media on each of the hundred places people give their opinions now days. They have fought through history to free those who were enslaved and enact changes that declare people of color equal to those who are white. They have battled to give women the right to vote, have equal pay, have an abortion, be given access to birth control, the right not to be viewed as second-class citizens or worse, stoned to death for some minor affront they committed.

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  • My story is not one of heroism or of great social change. It is the story of a woman who followed her heart and loved where it told her. I do not fall into any of the categories for which there has been much press coverage eg: sexual orientation, religious belief etc, no, I just happen to love younger men. They call me a Cougar as though I am a nasty, feral thing instead of a woman who sets no boundaries to love. Please, do not misunderstand me, I would never go blow a certain age. The men in my life must be able to make a conscious and rationally thought out decision on our relationship.
    I know this is probably a rather sad and dull story for you but, it is one of a woma who has suffered, in a small way I agree, the lack of freedom to love and the condemnation of others.
    This is part of the background to the novels I write. I use my experiences to ground my novels in the reality of loving differently to the ‘norms’ of society.
    Thank You for taking the time to read this.

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    Thank you for sharing your story. I honestly hadn’t thought about the discrimination women who enjoy relationships with younger men are prone to. It’s such a double standard. I’m sorry you are subjected to negativity. When a friend began seeing a much younger man/boy, we joked that he was her boy toy and said good for her. I imagine that isn’t a great response, I know she wasn’t offended but should remember that other women might be.

    Sending good thought your way,

    • Thanks for the reply. I was just trying to make the point that discrimination comes in many different forms. Women have fought not just for the more obvious freedoms such as jobs etc but also for the right to love and be loved in whatever form they wish. This is part of societal change and is an ongoing fight for all of us. Whether you feel discriminated against for any reason you should stand up and say NO…loudly. People, such as you, who continue to be vocal about the changes that need to be made are the hero’s of this story. Thankyou for continuing to paint the picture of women in all their glory.

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