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British Muslim drag queen Asifa Lahore remakes Barbie Girl

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British Muslim drag queen Asifa Lahore has made the hit of the summer with her Punjabi twist on 90s bubblegum hit, Barbie Girl – but this gal has a serious message to convey with regard to LGBT rights

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  • Asifa Lahore is a good looking Drag Queen! The song was a great play on ‘BARBIE GIRL’ by AQUA She is Muslim! In the middle east she is in a Burka, only her eyes are seen and Daddy makes Her “proper” marriage! arrangements to whom he makes the deal with! No choice on her part. She is a Woman! She obeys daddy or suffers beatings , even dies! Feminism is against the law in the Middle East even today in the year 2014! The world oil comes from here! Society is back one thousand years to satisfy them World Leaders let Women get treated as servants, even slaves! After all, Business is Business, no place for Women’s Rights! President Obama where are You? Quick to champion Race or illegal Immigration to anyone who comes across our southern borders, but, no help to’ held against their will’, Women and Children, stolen around the World President Obama get off Your ASS!

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