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Jayde Onyx Lei

Ever since I could remember I felt an intense disconnect from the world. Building close relationships was difficult, it felt so forced. The only peers I seem to find any luck relating to were the oddities and social out cast. This feeling of not belonging haunted me well into my adult life. It was not until a few months ago did I discover I am an Aspie (Asperger's Syndrome). It all made sense! I behave, portray and am cognitively different, I even stand awkwardly! Seems a bit strange, however my diagnosis brought a sense of comfort to my soul. I live wildly, speak eloquently, walk awkwardly, love mildly, dance stupidly, dress eccentrically, and am openly sexual. I couldn't give a fuck how I am perceived. I am Jayde Onyx Lei. A gamer, a Dungeon Master (D-n-D), an erotica writer, full-throttle, never reserved sex blogger, a med-school dropout, and a nightowl. Learn it, Love it, or Loathe it. I honestly don't give a SHIT. Yours Truly, -Jayde Onyx Lei Like it raunchy? Then visit my juicy blog @


Twitter: @RawLewdIndecent

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