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Change Is A Four Letter Word

Submitted by • June 7, 2015 - As the title of this post states, to me, change is a four letter word, but now I want to talk about those who do battle to bring about change. Some are activist who pave the way for the rest ...

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Letting The Sun In

Submitted by • October 23, 2014 - This isn’t going to be a post where I pull out my soapbox and stand tall spouting my opinions for all to see. Instead, I am entering the room and quietly sitting down, hoping my audience will listen because this ...

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Censored? Never By My Hand #DarkErotica #BDSM

Submitted by • October 5, 2014 - Recently Amazon and the Powers That Be decided unexpectedly, that my book Elizabeth’s Destiny should be blocked. This is after having a nice run of approximately 18 months, selling well and being well received. My wife wrote a blog post ...

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My Love Is Not About You #SameSexCouples

Submitted by • August 9, 2014 - Yesterday Joelle Casteel did a post that spoke about forcing our kink on others and people being accepting of what and who we are. I want to address the issue of public affection and how it’s okay for some people ...

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Ass To Mouth? Just Say No! #AnalSex

Submitted by • August 2, 2014 - Normally I am one who will say that even if something isn’t my kink, you have every right to indulge in it as long as it doesn’t hurt me and mine, and it’s safe, sane and consensual. Today I have ...

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SRR – Differentiating Between Punishment and Discipline

Submitted by • August 2, 2014 - The following post is for the spanking round table discussion, and is written to help people differentiate between discipline and punishment in a power exchange relationship. Those who are new to BDSM or those who have engaged in kink but wish ...

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Embracing My Curves, Clothing Optional #Naked

Submitted by • August 2, 2014 - So the plan was to write about our experiences at Madtown a few weeks ago, but time and other things got in the way of that. I still plan to refer to our time spent in Madison, but wanted to ...

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Can BDSM Play and Psychological Triggers Still Equal Safe, Sane, and Consensual?

Submitted by • July 27, 2014 - Triggers during a BDSM scene are something we should be talking about, because when they happen, consent can become muddled and those involved on either side of the scene can feel helpless. The following interview was done with a friend ...

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Adventures In Kink: Day One at MTKF

Submitted by • July 25, 2014 - This is a 'You Are There' article informing my readers what really goes on at a BDSM kink convention.

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