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Submitted by • December 26, 2017 - My foot. His cock. ~ An accidentally-found sexual position tangles our limbs in an unusual way, leading to an unexpectedly erotic encounter.

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Organised Orgasms

Submitted by • May 29, 2017 - Open and candid post about Honey's orgasms and why she has at times been shy about taking/writing about them

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Costa Chic

Submitted by • November 4, 2015 - A frightening account of a mysterious event. To say more would spoil the surprise. Sexually explicit.

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Dealing With A Husband Who Can’t Cum

Submitted by • August 9, 2015 - It’s not always easy dealing with his inability to always cum. Especially when the idea of completion includes orgasm for both parties. There are times were I feel inadequate because of it, but I know this is just my crazy ...

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His Desires

Submitted by • August 6, 2014 - A Dominant takes what he wants in the morning and in the evening, and all his submissive wants it to please him.

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SexyLittleIdeas – How to Fake an Orgasm

Submitted by • February 9, 2014 - 10 Steps to a Convincing Climactic Performance (for heterosexual women)

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